Life MottoA penny saved is worth a thousand birds in the bush.

Resident Dungeon Master and all-round graphic designer, roll your d20 and can I get whoop whoop because it’s Tim! Things to know about Tim… his blood type is 50/50 rum and regret and he takes his drink by the gallon, with the pressure of a firehose. If he was trapped on a desert island he’d take an extra ’s’ so he can turn it into a dessert island and eat his way to freedom. All of which explains his rare yet delicious blood type. Prior to joining MCM, Tim had two paths from which to choose from. Should he carry on his career as a graphic designer, or train himself up as the world’s first ‘Bad Butler’. With a leather jacket over cravat and tweed waistcoat, this Mischievous Manservant would smash his employer’s TV with a guitar, but promptly clean it up in time for the bi-annual Horse & Horseradish gala. Because he’s bad, but he’s also a butler… His biography STRANGER TIMS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM will recount his early life painting in New York, being married to the actress and poet Iris Tree and collaborating with Man Ray and Cecil Beaton in the 1920s. The last eight chapters will narrate in minute detail the writing of the first eight chapters. It will also be all lies. Do not trust this man.