Mary is Event Director for ReedPOP, focusing on the international Comic Con portfolio, as well as Star WarsCelebration, UFC Fan Expo, and TwitchCon. She moved back to winter after 14 years at Lucasfilm in San Francisco, where she developed and produced Star Wars Celebrations and headed up Fan Relations.

She cares passionately for fans and wants their show experiences to be both memorable and unmatchable.

Mary can also tell you how to correctly put a radio on an Adelie penguin. If you have a cow that’s having a breech birth, she can deliver the calf safely for you. Her background includes commercial fishing in Alaska, weight training instruction, cattle ranching in Montana, and a stint on an Antarctic research base. Somehow this all adds up to a perfect fit for a pop culture show team.

Best movie wardrobe ever?

Eva Green in “300: Rise of an Empire.”

Why the golden earring?

Sailors used to earn the right to wear golden earrings when they did things like circumnavigate the globe or set foot on all seven continents. Mary earned hers for her seventh continent when she rode a horse named Rammstein across the Namib Desert in 2012. Just warning you: if you ask her about it she’ll talk more than you want to hear.