Life Motto: Treat Yo Self 2011

Senior Marketing Executive circa 2015, Fire Genesi and Caravan Specialist – It’s Emily!

This wannabe marine biologist realised at an early age that swimming required dedication, daily training, a concealed gun licence, 20/20 vision, the ability to recite the alphabet backwards and a dark past that involves one or more torrid affairs. So she instead turned her attention to marketing, watching Netflix and eating cheeseballs, exclusively in that order. Juno MacGuff is her hero, despite all the restraining orders and being told she is fictional. However, when she eventually plays and subsequently wins the lottery she will move to the country to set up her Pug and Pig farm (that’s a farm that solely rears pigs and pugs, not an arable landscape that is made up of said animals, you sicko). This girl can dream.