Dealer Booths & Sales Tables

See the ins and outs of being a Dealer at MCM before you book. Here are our most frequently asked questions, but if you would like to know something that isn’t listed then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How does the booking system work?

The booking process works as follows:

  • Follow the link to our dealer booking system
  • Select the event you want to book for from the available shows
  • Read our do’s and don’ts and select the type of booking you wish to make.
  • Read the instructions on the top of the form
  • Click the link to open the floor plan
  • If you have your dealer code fill it in and push the Pre-fill Form button, alternatively provide the information under Step 1.
  • Select the location you wish to book under Step 2. Only locations that are available to book will show. If you wish to add more tables within the same block and require another row for input, click [Add more Tables for this block]
  • Once you have selected your location, select your optional extra’s under Step 3.
  • Once completed click the “calculate cost” button to give you an overview of what you have select and the associated costs. Please take note of the early payment deadline.
  • Read the Terms & Conditions and tick the box if you agree. Please keep in mind we cannot take your booking if you do not agree with our terms and conditions.
  • Click on the Submit button to send us your order.
  • The Dealer department will review your order and once it has been accepted you will be sent a confirmation email which contains an overview of your booking and a link to your payment gateway.
  • Follow the link to the payment gateway and pay at least the minimum deposit (50%) of the total amount without discounts. Please ensure you make this payment within 24hrs after receiving the confirmation email or your booking will be cancelled.
Can I become a dealer?

Dealer locations are open to a wide variety of people. As long as your products fit the theme of our show, are legal to sell in the UK to the public attending and you are willing to comply to any & all regulations regarding the sales of good & services, either based in law, the event location’s policies or MCM’s policies, you can be a dealer at one of our events. Please be aware that there are additional restrictions on products of an adult nature, weapons and foods and we strongly recommend anyone who wants to sell these types of products at out events to contact us before booking.

What is the size of a dealer locations?

Dealer booths are generally 4x2m or 6x3m. Dealer table locations are generally 1.8m x 2.1m in size. The tables themselves are generally 6ft (1800mm) x 2ft (600mm) are 2ft 5inches (730mm) in height.

What is the difference between a centre and a perimeter table?

When looking at the floor plan certain tables are backed up against the walls these are perimeter tables. As some floor plan designs do not provide sufficient perimeter locations some blocks on the floor plan have wall in between both sides of the block, generally indicated in orange. As these tables also back up to a wall they are also classed as perimeter locations.

Centre tables do not have a wall behind them and generally have a stand directly behind them facing the other way.

What is a backing table?

A backing table is a second table equal in size to your main table which is placed directly behind doubling your sales surface space from 6 x 2ft to 6ft x 4ft (This table can only be used behind your main table, NOT at the side or anywhere else)

Is the floor plan as shown on the booking page final?

All floor plans are preliminary copies and may change in the run up to an event. Although we take the utmost care when providing you with the information during the booking process, due to the nature of the event changes to the floor plan are unavoidable. As changes to the floor plan happen frequently we do not send out notifications of these changes.Changes to the floor plan are no grounds for cancelling your order. If due to the floor plan change your location is no longer available we will strive to provide you with a location of equal or greater

Can I bring my own tables?

No you can only use tables supplied by MCM.

Can I bring my own grid wall / clothes rails?

If you are booking a dealer booth you can use your own grid wall / clothes rails etc as long as you stay within the assigned area and comply with any other regulation.

Due to the restrictions put on dealer tables, clothes rails are not allowed in these locations. However grid walls are allowed within your own space.

Is there any height restriction?

Yes any display that exceeds 2.5m are not allowed.

What can I sell?

Almost anything as long as it’s legal in the country our show is at. However ee do have restrictions on certain products including, but not limited to, packaged and non-packaged food & drink (including alcohol), Mystery boxes / Games of Chance, T-shirts and FUNKO Pop-Vinyl’s.

LICENCED PRODUCTS – Please be aware that any branded products are required to be fully licensed and clearly labelled. Please ensure you have proof of license or purchase receipts for these products. Any unlicensed items on sale could be seized but the licensors or trading standards, with the possibility of the stand being required to close for the duration of the event.

SIGNING ACTIVITY – All planned signing activity on stands must be agreed and authorised with MCM ahead of the event.

How many tables & chairs do I get?

As a general rule: Each table location comes with a front table, a backing table and 1 chair.

Dealer booths come with:
– Small booth: 4 tables and 2 chairs
– Large booth: 6 tables and 3 chairs

At our shows outside of the UK backing tables are not included in any bookings.

How many wristbands do I get with my booking?

As a general rule:
Dealer tables: N + 1

Booth locations:
Small booth: N x 3
Large booth: N x 4

N = the number of locations you booked.

Wristbands are for the entire event and cannot be shared between employees.

Can I buy more dealer wristbands?

Yes – additional dealer wristbands can be ordered during the booking process. If you require more wristbands after your booking up to 5 weeks before the show you can request more by emailing

Wristbands can also be purchased from security on site.

I have different people helping during the different days of the event, can we share wristbands?

No, wristbands are valid for the entire event and cannot be shared.

I have more wristbands with my booking than I actually need can I get a refund or give the spare wristbands to someone else?

No there are no refunds for wristbands and they are also non-transferable.

Dealer wristbands give access to the event halls outside of regular opening hours at which time stands are not necessarily manned. Although we provide out of hours security having people roam the halls which have no business there is undesirable. Therefore we will ban dealers who use their wristbands in other ways than intended.

When is set up?

Generally speaking set up takes place the day before the show opens at 2pm. Dealer booths are generally allowed in slightly earlier.

For exact times please consult your dealer pack / show specific information

Can I have stock delivered directly to the venue?

Most venues do facilitate this. We will however not sign or accept any packages, parcels, pallets. Please ensure you are on site to receive your delivery or have made arrangements with the handling services which operates in that particular venue.

Please consult the site specific information for details regarding shipping.

Do I get a parking pass?

This is entirely dependent on the venue. At certain shows we can provide free parking passes (max of 1) per dealer booking. At other venues we are only able to provide a discount on normal prices. These normally need to be ordered in advanced, but are generally payable at security.

Please consult the show specific information for more parking details.

Can I use clamps ,screws etc to create my displays?

You cannot use any fixings which damage or mark the walls or tables in any way. If damage is caused to any walls or tables you will the charged the full amount of any replacement or cleaning costs.

Do MCM supply table covers?

No, MCM does NOT supply table covers. You must supply these as ALL tables must be covered.

If something gets stolen or broken am I covered on MCM's insurance?

No you would not be covered on MCM insurance. You will have to arrange your own insurance cover. Please be aware that it’s mandatory to have public liability insurance when trading at our shows.

What do we do with our stock when the show closes for the day?

In most cases is suffices to cover up your wares. With the exception of activities in the main theatre no members of the public are allowed in the hall after closing. The people in the main theatre will be guided out via the main walkway and are not allowed to roam amongst the stalls. Security is also present after the show closes, however, we cannot take any responsibility for your goods.

What do we do with our stock after the show finishes?

Please ensure you take all your belongings. If you cannot take all your goods and materials with you for whatever reason please make arrangements with one of the storage providers who can safely store your goods for you to pick up at a later date. Everything left in the hall after breakdown will be cleared and considered to be trash.

You will be charged for the removal of any trash at the end of the show which is left on your stand.

I changed my mind and want to cancel my booking, can I get my money back?

No, all booking are final, non-refundable and non-transferable.

What is your VAT policy?


VAT In order to exhibit at one of our shows, please note that the following VAT rules will apply:
Please note location is based on invoice address

Exhibitors and dealers based in the UK will be charged 20% UK VAT on all products and services.
Any charges relating to admissions will be charged 20% UK VAT, no matter where an exhibitor or dealer is based.

Exhibitors and dealers based in Europe, outside the UK, will not be charged VAT on their invoice provided a valid VAT number is supplied. These exhibitors and dealers will need to use standard reverse charge procedures to declare the VAT (inputs and the outputs) on their local VAT return.

Exhibitors or dealers based in Europe, outside the UK, who are unable to supply a valid VAT number will be charged 20% UK VAT. In very limited circumstances, we might be able to qualify these exhibitors or dealers as trade customers without a VAT number.

Exhibitors and dealers in the rest of the world outside the UK and Europe will not be charged VAT provided they can supply proof that they operate a business registered business in their local country.

Why am I paying VAT now at MCM when I did not before?

Invoices have been billed as space only, but as we refer to HMRC guidance we understand that MCM Comic Con provides other services for your show experience, including hall cleaning, marketing, security, promotions and more, making the transaction subject to VAT at the local rate of 20%.

Am I able to refuse services and thus not pay VAT?

Standard convention services supplied by MCM are packaged together in your exhibition experience. They cannot be itemized or chosen separately.

How can I claim back VAT?

VAT is recoverable in most scenarios. For those without a UK registration, there are direct methods to claim back the VAT through HMRC (

What is your insurance policy?

It is a condition of participation at one of our events that you must be able to meet any potential liabilities arising from any incidents caused by you, your staff or your contractors.You have the option of paying for an Exhibitor Indemnity to enhance the terms and conditions to include an indemnity for your liability and loss of property at the event.If you wish to make your own arrangements to cover these liabilities, a waiver form will be provided which needs to be completed and is kept on record.If you do not possess appropriate insurance for this event you will not be allowed to exhibit.