Popcorn For Everyone! MCM Comic Con Presents Best Thriller at The 2017 Three Empire Awards

It takes a very special occasion for us to adhere to a dress code that is strictly no cosplay, but after negotiations with Jeff the doorman failed we finally agreed to slip into our fanciest threads and celebrate the 2017 Three Empire Awards! The annual ceremony soon got underway, celebrating both British and International cinematic achievements in blockbuster style.

MCM Comic Con proudly presented the Best Thriller award to Jason Bourne, starring everyone’s favourite former CIA assassin and “psychogenic amnesiac”… thank you Wikipedia. We were schmoozing with the likes of Felicity Jones, Luc Besson, Tom Hiddleston and Sir Patrick Stewart, as well as a certain Marketing Manager fanboying face-to-face with Rogue One director Gareth Edwards. Hopefully the lifetime ban thing was just a joke.