New Year New Blog!

Welcome, take off your cape and mask! Can we offer you a beverage? Foot massage?

Well, Check. Us .Out.

We’re kicking off 2017 in style with the launch of our amazing new corporate website and with that, we say a big hello to our shiny new blog. That’s right, we blog now. From the UK to Europe, Summer in the City to MCM Comic Con-join us here for updates, behind the scenes work-placed shenanigans, and a few eccentricities along the way.

This website will be the one stop shop for everything you need to know about MCM life including the deets on all our shows, what folk are saying about us, all important resources to get you involved with our shows AND the chance to meet the good people behind MCM. Speaking of which, if you’ve ever wondered which member of MCM to call in case of a zombie apocalypse, we’ve got you covered.

So with a new website and a new year comes a new can of whoop ass!

What does 2017 hold for us? Well, in 2016, we were honoured to receive awards from Exhibition News and the AEO and it’s been party popper o’clock ever since! With Summer in the City, MCM Liverpool and MCM Hannover joining the familia in 2016, the future looks bright for MCM this year. Although we get the feeling it could be hard to beat the VR game designed in our episode of The Apprentice (Gordon’s Lost His Badger?!), we can’t wait for the future to unfold.

And as our Marketing Assistant Jess once said, ‘What would Dolly Parton do?’….yep, we’re sure she’d expand her portfolio of popular culture conventions. Wise words Jess, wise words.

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